Arriving in Minneapolis

After leaving Hanover at midnight, departing Boston-Logan at 6AM, and having a layover in Milwaukee, we finally arrived in Minneapolis around 10AM this morning, where we met up with Shawn.

First order of business was stopping by Thea Woon’s house. We were greeted with amazing food and drink — everything from fancy cheeses to kumquats to oatmeal with an array of topping choices. Thea spoke to us about her work in somatic therapy and encouraged us medical students to act as a support network for each other so that we are not always operating on maximal sympathetic nervous system output. She had us think about things that made us happy, smile, and generally feel good.

After a relaxing meeting with Thea, we all drove to meet with Dr. Angie Erdrich (DMS ’94) and her husband, Dr. Sandeep Patel. We were greeted with signs made by their adorable kids.

Dr. Patel made us some incredible Indian food (and shared the recipe for the wild rice dish with us!):

Dr. Erdrich and Dr. Patel are both very dedicated to Native American health and had some pretty awesome stories to share. We also were able to meet some other health providers working on reservations, and at the end, a Native leader led a prayer for us. We were each able to stroke an eagle feather, which is significant to Native peoples, as eagles are a sacred symbol.


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