We are culturally diverse multiracial international time travellers of medicine!

Hello from Boston Logan Airport! Most of us has made it to the airport happily, early, and safely…

<On the shuttle from the parking lot to the airport- from left to right: Mai Nitta, Ayobami Olufadeji, Sara Kibrom, Jidi Gao>

While we were checking in for our airline, we found out that we had at least 4 countries represented on this trip! Hence the “diverse multiracial international” bit of the title.

<We have four passports represented- Francis Martinson (Ghana), Mildred Lopez Piniero (USA), Jidi Gao (Canada) and Mai Nitta (Japan)>

Not only that, we calculated that even though we just lost an hour of sleep due to daylight savings time, we gain it back traveling from eastern to central time. We’re obviously time travelers as well!

We’re still currently waiting for one group to catch up with us. One of the cars unfortunately took the wrong freeway down from NH and are heading to the airport now… We’re anxious for them to get here.


p.s. Right at 6:30am, the rest of the group made it! We’re all happily on our way to MN!


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